Disaster of Motion – In English


The viral and virtual manifesto called “Disaster of Motion” is the second brazilian protest against “Art of Motion” event and how “Redbull” deals with the modalities and their practitioners. The purpose of it is to be heard in front of the process “videos submission” which is being done to find athletes to Redbull Art of Motion Santorini 2013.

We are against this competition and how Redbull manipulates practitioners from all around the world to sustain and strive to disclose, represent and literally “give blood and sweat” by the company.

We are not positioning ourselves as defenders of an activity or another. We stand against the event and the company’s behavior.

We are outraged by the practitioners that are deceived and seduced by promises of fame, travel, titles and ranking. We are outraged by the way dishonorable as company and event participants play out the values ​​and principles of the activities that wear the shirt.

We do not believe that the best athlete is the one that presents the best move, the best performance or which most animates the public. We do not think this athletes should be placed in a “cage of monkeys” to fight like animals to a plate of food. Nor do we believe that the temptations and rewards justify participation in something.

The Art of Motion unscrupulous acts and despite getting deceive spectators and practitioners, does not set limits to where it can trample, humiliate and spit in the face of street activities that were born with the aim to create better human beings, free from manipulation and morally strengthened.

We are Brazilians but we speak the same language as many other practitioners in the world. We are against the event format proposed by Redbull on the “Art of Motion” and therefore we manifest whenever possible with all our revulsion.

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